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We are excited to give you the tools to gain immediate value, unlock security analytics, and begin data driven decision-making as you embark upon your journey with Graylog!

Built by Practitioners

Each course is designed and taught by those who 'do'. When you ask questions, you can be confident that answers are coming from experience, not the 'teachers copy' of a handbook.

Innovative and Practical

Real world, hands on lab environments, created from actual events build a fantastic learning journey.

Instructor-Led Training Options

Multi-part instructor-led courses walk through several of the most common scenarios, obstacles, and requests. Each student is guided through Graylog with their own personal instance to learn without risking any production environments.

Our Courses

Live Training Series:

Some words from our clients

"Abe's class was one of the best courses I've taken in my career. I even actually laughed at his jokes"
 J. E. @ (Government Agency)
"Environment is great Paul is a great energetic and knowledgeable trainer, also gets answers on the go which is great."

"Paul was an awesome instructor-- personable, friendly, honest! If he gets ANY complaints regarding this class we had a majority of the class members not participating nor being of any help. He was fighting an uphill battle this whole class and took it with stride! What an awesome individual! Cant say enough about him! I wish I had a decent instructor half comparable to him in any of the IT schools and classes i've been through. Take good care of him!"